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The indoor garden industry has evolved so much over the last 5 years that we have found many a new and exciting mediums such as coco husk as well as Neoprene pucks (only a Canadian could call them pucks!). Depending on the application that you are

interested in, ask the questions and we will fill in the answers!

ROCKWOOL is manufactured from basaltic rock which is melted and spun into fibres which are then formed into slabs or blocks. **TIP –all rockwool mediums should initially primed at a 5.5pH as it comes factory stabilized at a 7.0 pH

PERLITE is a heat expanded, man made product that is perfect for use as a hydroponic medium. Perlite retains enough moisture for it to be suitable as a hand-watered medium, but also has sufficient drainage to be used in recycling systems.

VERMICULITE is another heat expanded man-made product which has a very high water retention and is often used as a soil conditioner. Vermiculite holds too much water to be useful as a medium itself, but can be mixed with other growing mediums to improve water retention. Good for outdoor gardens in drought conditions.

NEOPRENE is a unique inert medium which is manufactured out of an elastic rubber compound that may be used repeatedly. Neoprene is a wonderful alternative over rockwool and clay pellets in hydroponic systems. It is also considered the ultimate medium in aeroponics.

EXPANDED CLAY PELLETS are pebble type mediums made from baked clay balls. This medium has a fairly low water holding capacity but provides very high aeration of roots. This is our favorite for recycling drip systems.

SOILLESS MEDIUMS such as Pro-Mix and Sunshine, conatains a blend of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. BTN prefers the Pro-Mix as it also has the added valiable ingredient Michroriza, which is extremely beneficial to growing container plants.

We can assist you in additives that you can pre-mix into your soilless medium that will improve oxygenation as well as prevent molds and bugs.

**TIP – If you are growing in a mixture of Pro-mix, Sunshine Mix, Coco or peat you are a SOILLESS GROWER. A lot of fertilizers have instructions for soil growers and THAT IS NOT YOU. Unless you are growing in outside dirt always follow the soilless medium instruction to avoid over-fertilization. We are also giving you an “quick-figure” on how many containers per 3.8cubic bale you get.

Formula is based on Soft Blo-Mold style pots:

1 x 3.8 cubic bale will supply;

  • 1 gallon blo-mold = 70
  • 2 gallon blo-mold = 33
  • 3 gallon blo-mold = 23

COCO COIR is designed from the husk of the coconut. This fine fibourous medium is great as a stand alone as well as a 50/50 mix with Pro-mix.