Setting Up
Place your BTN reservoir on an even surface, followed by placing the feeding tray on top of it. Place the access cover on the open end of the reservoir and secure the feeder tray to the reservoir with the nuts and bolts provided. Wet one of your feeder mats and insert it through the hole into one of the pots until the pointed tip is just below the top of the pot. Then take the feeder mat and put it through the hole in the feeder tray and place the pot in position. Ensure the feeder mat is touching the bottom of the reservoir. Repeat these steps with all pots. Fill the pots with compost, while making sure to keep the feeder mat upright. Firm the compost down around the feeder mat ensuring good contact between the feeder mat and compost. Create a hole in the compost large enough for your plant and add it. Firm the compost down again gently to settle the compost. Finally, water well using a watering can with a rose until the compost is moist, but not saturated.

Feeding and Watering
Better Than Nature is always wanting to help you make the best of your gardening experience, so here are some tips for watering and feeding your plants.

After planting do NOT add water to the reservoir until the compost is dry to the touch. This may take a few days for young plants in the summer months, or a couple weeks in the winter. Once the top of the compost is dry, fill your BTN reservoir with water and nutrients (such as Better Than Natures Holland Secret manufactured by plant life products, which is a sediment free three part fertilizer). For best results keep the reservoir topped up. The quad grow can hold up to 30 litres.

Tip: During warmer weather dampen your compost from the top when you top-up your reservoir.

Compost Information
Use a standard multi-purpose compost, not water retaining/moisture control or heavily fertilized ones. Most composts contain nutrients, check your compost bag to identify many weeks worth of feed the compost contains, then add nutrients one week before your compost is due to run out. If your compost does not contain nutrients, start adding Better Than Natures Holland Secret feed after one week.

Lids for Quadgrow
Lids are used to help retain warmth and humidity, which help you plant grow. To decrease humidity but still give young plants the protection they need, simply open the vents. Remove the lids once the weather has warmed up.

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