Getting Set Up
Better Than Nature understands how important it is to set up the product perfectly, so we have created step by step list for easily setting up your Herbgrow.

Place your reservoir on an even surface, placing the feeder try atop of it. Wet one of your feeder mats into the bottom of one of the pots until the pointed tip is just below the top of the pot. Insert the feeder mat through the hole in the feeder tray and sit the pot in position. Ensure your feeder mat is touching the bottom of the reservoir. Repeat this step with all pots and fill with compost, while taking care to keep the feeder mat upright. Then firm the compost around the feeder mat. Make a hole in the compost large enough for your plant then add the plant. Firm the compost down gently around the plant to settle the compost. Finally, water the compost well using a watering can with a rose until the compost is moist, but not saturated.

Feeding and Watering
Better Than Natures sells reservoirs in many sizes and are always wanting to help you make the best of your gardening experiences, so here are some tips for watering and feeding your plants.

After planting do NOT add any water to the reservoir until the compost is dry to the touch. This could take a few days for young plants in the summer, or a couple of weeks in the winter. Once the compost is dry, add water to the reservoir using the watering hole.

4 weeks after planting start to add feed according to the manufacturers recommendations every time you add water to the reservoir. Or for best results use Better Than Natures Holland Secret manufactured by plant life products, which is a sediment free three part fertilizer.

Tip: Very occasionally during hot weather dampen your compost from the top.

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