Natural Additives

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The right combination of organic based products can grow you a healthy and happy crop. BTN offers many additives that can be used alone or combined with other organics or

even as a tasty treat for chemical growers. HOWEVER REMEMBER…..DO NOT USE H202 WHEN GROWING WITH ORGANICS as it will kill off beneficial bacterias.

GROWTH PLUS is our best selling organic additive. This product has been university proven to increase blossoms in tomatoes by over 177%. Excellent as a foliar spray and an essential ingredient to ROCKET FUEL!

EARTH FOOD has been sold in our stores for over 12 years and is still strongly requested. Dr. Willard’s formula improves plant durability and disease tolerance and restores all-important organic matter to the soil. Another ingredient for ROCKET FUEL!

SEA HORSE FISH AGRI is fabricated from fish poop! Smells horrible, but plants love it (we all know manure works well, if the cow’s can do it, so can the fishies!) Gives a beautiful natural balance of NPK’s. Another ingredient for ROCKET FUEL!