Liquid Nutrients

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We have all heard the expression that you are what you eat. Plants that are fed cheap, inferior foods will develop as such. Nutrients and additives that are incorrectly mixed can wreak havoc in your garden (that white stuff on the bottom of your res shouldn’t be there!). In controlled environment gardens, plants intake nutrients at a much higher level than outside as well as require proper mixing procedure. Mixing nutrients is one of the main mistakes new growers (and old ones’s that won’t listen!) make. Consider your 3 part program as a meal, 1st the appetizer, then the main course and finally the dessert. Could you eat all three at once and how would you feel if you had to?

When mixing a 3-part formula please use the following procedure:

**TIP - Depending on growth stage of plant, this is how they would be added. In a vegetaive cycle you would add“Micro” then “Grow” then “Bloom” . In flowering it would be “Micro” then “Bloom” then “Grow” .

Have a clean 1 litre measuring container ready for action!

Always start with the “Micro” stage of nutrient first. Next you would pour your recommended amount of fertilizer into your measuring cup and mix with tepid water. Stir well then apply to reservoir. Allow to circulate through system for a minimum 5 minutes. Next add 2nd part, again pre-mixing solution with water before applying to reservoir. Allow to circulate through system for a minimum 5 minutes. Finally proceed to 3rd stage of 3-part nutrient solution, again pre-mixing solution with water before applying to reservoir.



BTN stores carry a wide variety for all your plants requirements.

**Please note that some brands are not stocked in some stores but with 2 days notice can be brought in for you!

HOLLAND SECRET BING, BANG & BLOOM help you Garden With An Attitude! Formulated in Europe and perfected in B.C., BTN’s most popular nutrient is based on a 99% Sediment-Free theory that ensures that growers do not have clogged drip lines or unnecessary fillers. Micro-filtered and blended with 0.005ppm BC water, your plants getting nothing but the best. Another benefit is that PlantLife Products does not charge extra for the Micro. Holland Secret’s Bing, Bang, Bloom!

Old school fertilizer manufacturers have long been supplying plant nutrients for old school growing systems. As technology evolves, the days of using old school systems, that drowned the roots by completely submerging them in the nutrient solution, are obsolete.
Countless testing and experience has shown that those methods lack adequate oxygen to the root system. Inadequate oxygen will slow down the plant’s growth and ability to reach its maximum potential.

Roots thrive with oxygen and “the new gadgets of the industry” allow the roots to do just that. We now have aeroponics injection emitters, micro spinners and drip spears running top producing gardens such as the Plant Tier Systems and Bucket Basket Gardens. Growers have long called out for a cleaner and more “clog-free” liquid fertilizer, one that does not cause salt build up in their growing medium or reservoir.
The need for designer "Sediment-Free" nutrients has become a necessity.

The General HydroponicFlora System is a three pair building block system that enables

you to custom-blend a formula based on type of plant and phase of growth. The Advanced Nutrient System provides a unique combination of mineral nutrients and state-of-the-art organic chelates developed by Dr. Cal Hermann of the University of California Water Technology Center. The system allows the mixing of special formulas for starting cuttings or seedlings, foliar feeding or other specialized needs. Excellent for use in all growing media, including rockwool, Hydroton clay aggregate, soil and aeroponics. Indoor or out, for the beginning or advanced customer. Instructions on each label.. GH FLORANOVA Series is a 1 part Formula, FloraNova Grow and Floranova Bloom. Super-concentrated & pH stabilized it has the strength of a dry concentrate & consistency of a liquid.

BTN also has a HOUSE BLEND 2-part formula. Simply use BTN Grow and Common in your vegative stage and switch to Blossom & Common in flowering stage. Economical and easy to use.