Nutrients Additives & Stimulants

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The basic staples of a gardener should be nutrients, rooting hormones, pesticides and B1’s. There are so many stimulants on the market today. High phosphorus booster, B1’s as well as enzymatic formulas are all beneficial to your plants growth. There are a few basic principles when adding stimulants so please follow instructions on label as prescribed and use some common sense.

  1. Always pre-mix in a clean measuring cup with tepid water.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Pour slowly into mixing tank or reservoir.
  4. Only add in 1 stimulant a day. B1s can be added anytime.
  5. Lower nutrient ppm slightly when using flower booster.

B1 Hormone & Vitamins are a great way to provide beneficial kelp as well B1 does for plants what it does for us – provides stress relief. Unless you’re a perfect grower, stress relief is a good thing! 

SUPER B+ is a plant growth and bloom additive that contains essential macro elements, chelated micro elements, natural Vitamin B1 and our enriched Sea Kelp solution. Helps stimulate root growth on new plants and root regeneration when the roots system has been damaged or stressed through high salinity, pathogen such as pythium, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. Improves transplanting and also increases plant development in growth or flowering stage. Excellent for all types of foliage.

Thrive Alive B1 is a power packed preventative and restorative general-purpose plant tonic. Thrive Alive stimulates rapid and lush vegetative growth, and will ensure the success of floral crops by promoting profuse flowering during blossoming. Its professionally balanced formulation contains vitamins and nutrients, which are cultured in premium quality British Columbian sea kelp. Thrive Alive is safe and easy to use for both hydroponic and soil applications (1/2 tbsp/G; 2-3 ml/L), facilitating vigorous and healthy root development for both cuttings and established root systems, while protecting your plants from transplant-related shock.

VitaMax™ Plant Anti-Stress Formula is a scientifically created formula designed to encourage better root development, larger buds, blooms, fruits and flowers. Designed to be used as an additive to your regular nutrient, VitaMax helps increase plant development at the blooming and fruiting stages and reduces plant stress. Great for transplanting and rooting, VitaMax is a plant growth & bloom enhancer that contains many essential macro and chelated micro elements along with natural B vitamins. This product may be used up to the last ten days of flowering.

NutriBoost 1 is derived from plant extracts. NutriBoost 1 provides stressed plants with the enhanced natural ability to correct roots damaged by stress, as well as create new roots. NutriBoost 1 is blended as a replenishment to replace lost hormone generating properties that plants lose due to being under stress. A healthy plant produces these hormones naturally to maintain growth, but stressed plants suffer a severe loss of their ability to produce these essential growth regulators.

Maximum PlantRoids is the “Mecca of Vitamin Enhancers”.. MP will develop stronger root systems and burst the growth of leaf and cellular structure. Also give plants all the essential microelements needed for vigorous healthy growth & bloom cycles. Helps create bigger flowers and improves aroma and flavor of edible products.

SuperThrive Vitamins for healthy plants.  From the USA, SuperThrive is a vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate. For super healthy plants and blooms, add to your nutrient solution at the rate of 1 drop per 4 litres. Widely recommended for delicate plants such as orchids and bonsai’s. SuperThrive is an excellent plant reviver for stressed plants. SuperThrive has been used by growers' world-wide for more than 40 years. Well known and proven product. Pricey but an excellent investment for such an effective and concentrated product.

NUTRIENT ENHANCERS assist the plant in the varying cycle of life. Many enhancers can be used in both veg. and flowering cycle however following manufacturer instructions will advises you the best way of using.

VEG BOOM PLUS assists plant in root development, nutrition uptake, plant tissue composition as well as cell division in the early stages of plants life. VEG BOOM PLUS will promote lateral bud growth and shorten internodes and is compatible with all brand name nutrients.

FIELD OF GREENS is a plant greening solution scientifically formulated to bring plants back to a lush, green color and vigor. Will help eliminate yellow leaves in seedlings and cuttings. Will accelerate vegetative growth when added to any nutrient.

ROYAL BLACK HUMIC ACID is created out of leonardite and will assist plant in nutrient uptake, increase drought tolerance, and will increase plants general vitality. Recommended for soilless mediums.

FULVIC ACID is also created from a more concentrated form of leonardite and is very easily ingested by plants. Same great benefits as Humic Acid however Fulvic is formulated for water gardens.

GROTEK LXR BLACK is a Grotek brand of Humic Acid and made from high quality sources of Leonardite. GROTEK LXR GOLD is their concentrated form of Fulvic Acid.

TRIPLE A CARBO BLAST is a complex blend of imported Multi-Carbs and custom blended with both simple and complex carbohydrates that match the natural carb profile found within the plant. Assists plants with leggy growth problems, enhances resin and oil production in oil producing plants. Will also boost flowering weight.

ADVANCED NUTRIENTS LIQUID CARBO LOAD assist plants in heavy flowering cycles with a liquid form of carbohydrate.

Mag-I-Cal is a highly enriched formulated blend of Magnesium, Calcium and Iron, that promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth for both soil and soiless gardens.

Incorporated in your regular feeding program MagiCal increases flower bud absorption and improves the nutritional quality of plants while correcting nutrient related plant deficiencies such as grape stem rot, grass tetany, tip burn in lettuce, blackheart in celery, blossom end rot in tomato or watermelon and bitter pit in apple.

In addition to correcting nutrient deficiencies, MagiCal also accelerates protein syntheses, maintains high starch content in crops, improves the density of fruit and the production of essential oils, creates lush and greener foliage, and maintains a healthy root system.

GH FLORALICIOUS GROW and FLORALICIOUS BLOOM and FLORALICIOUS PLUS is a unique blend of bioactive, plant, marine and mineral extracts. Their unique fermentation process has unlocked the secret in bringing out the full genetic potential for growth or bloom while releasing superior aroma and flavor.

ORGANIC ALERT!! Natural growers are going to love the tasty additives from PlantLife Products. NATURES TASTE WORM CASTINGS is one of the only liquid forms of worm castings on the market today. Higly concentrated form of nitrogen, this 100% natural additive enhances metabolic activity as well as promotes the growth of mychorrhiza fungus (that’s a good fungus!) Use as an additive to any fertilizer program.

ORGANIC ALERT!! If you want to dramatically enhance the taste of your herbs or veggies, just use NATURES TASTE LIQUID BAT GUANO. Adding this 100% natural, high phosphorus additive to your existing fertilizer program will provide you with flavor, aroma and yields like never before. Highly recommended.

SWEET! From PURE BLEND adds extra flavor and enhances flowering plants NATURALLY. Wonderfully blended additives help plants throughout growing stages, especially in the transition stages. Comes in two flavors, Citrus or Berry.

LIQUID KARMA from Botanicare is a complex and highly beneficial infusion of metabolically active organic compounds. Contains over 7 beneficial additives for your plants total needs. Strongly recommended to be used in conjunction with PureBlend Fetilizers as well as completely compatible with all other nutrients.