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Liquid Nutrients

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We have all heard the expression that you are what you eat. Plants that are fed cheap, inferior foods will develop as such. Nutrients and additives that are incorrectly mixed can wreak havoc in your garden (that white stuff on the bottom of your res shouldn’t be there!). In controlled environment gardens, plants intake nutrients at a much higher level than outside as well as require proper mixing procedure. Mixing nutrients is one of the main mistakes new growers (and old ones’s that won’t listen!) make. Consider your 3 part program as a meal, 1st the appetizer, then the main...

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Plant Nutrition For Mother Plants

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Mother plants are stock plants specifically raised to provide cuttings for starting new plants. The cuttings, also known as clones, are genetically identical to the mother plant, and if grown in a controlled environment will develop into daughter plants with the same superior characteristics as the mother plant. Since cuttings take time to develop roots, the clones must rely on stored water and carbohydrates in the stems and leaves to provide the energy necessary to develop vigorous new roots. Therefore, the nutritional status of the mother plant is critical to the rooting and recovery time of the tender clones. The...

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Nutrients Additives & Stimulants

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The basic staples of a gardener should be nutrients, rooting hormones, pesticides and B1’s. There are so many stimulants on the market today. High phosphorus booster, B1’s as well as enzymatic formulas are all beneficial to your plants growth. There are a few basic principles when adding stimulants so please follow instructions on label as prescribed and use some common sense. Always pre-mix in a clean measuring cup with tepid water. Stir well. Pour slowly into mixing tank or reservoir. Only add in 1 stimulant a day. B1’s can be added anytime. Lower nutrient ppm slightly when using flower booster....

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