Reflecting light in the proper manner can be of great assistance to not only your plants but your electricity costs as well. BTN has constantly resourced metals for the highest reflectivity available and we have passed this knowledge on to you.


You don’t have time to mess with timers. It is important that light cycles and watering cycles are consistently set at the same time every day. BTN also creates custom timer board kits , ranging from 2x1000watt to 8x1000watt. Please consult our in-store staff with your needs and we will make it happen.

  •  Intermatic Timer – Inexpensive timer for small systems that has 4 on/off settings. Rated for 15amp/120v
  • Intermatic T104-70 is steel-cased 24hr. indoor.outdoor timer with high
  • power switching mechanism. Can provide up to 12 on/off operations a day and can be wired for up to 2 separate circuits for controlled simultaneous switching. 40 amps 120v/240V
  • SHORT CYCLE 1 HOUR C-8665 allows you to have complete cycles every hour. Trippers can be adjusted for 30 seconds and up. 20 amp/120v
  • 7 DAY DIGITAL gives you 7 events, on/off, and is programmable for 7 days 15 amp max
  • FHD T1014 Multi-Cycle 1hp timer specifically designed for the aeroponic grower. Amazing timer can be adjusted to do both seconds and minutes for both on or off time with the added bonus of a NITE MODE (when night mode is activated, timer automatically turns on for 1 minute every 2 hours during dark period.)


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