CO2 Controllers, Generators & Accessories

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Yes CO2 is a wonderful addition to your greenhouse environment but only if properly supplied. BTN has many types of CO2 controllers, generators and accessories for all you your needs however if you have not used CO2 before please ask our staff for proper use and instructions. **Please note that TIME FACTOR = Number of minutes running time to achieve 1500 ppm in a 1000 cu. Ft. room

BTN carries the FHD CO2 Generators that come in Natural Gas style or Propane. FHD CO2 Burners come equipped with:

  • Electronic ignition
  • 20’ hose and Regulator
  • 4” Ventilation ports allow less heat build-up
  • 110v/24v AC Transformer included.

Excell-O-Fizz pucks from SuperNatural allow smaller growers the most economical way of supplementing CO2 on the market today! Easy-to-follow instructions make it easy-to-use!

There are a few devices which can be used to measure and monitor CO2 levels in your growing environment. From simple syringe-style test kits to the use of electronic controls and meters which accurately monitor CO2 levels and display this on a LCD readout.


  1. Especial design for agriculture equipments such as greenhouses, food and vegetable storages.
  2. Large LCD with orange back light display. Each step of programming and control process can be displayed on the  
  3. Carbon dioxide sensor, temperature sensor and humidity sensor are internal, the three values can be apart set.
  4. Real-time detecting CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity with programmable logical control.
  5. Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR) CO2 sensor, 15 years lifetime, CO2 setting range is selectable: 0~2000ppm / 0~20000ppm / 0~50000ppm
  6. Special ABC Logic with patented Self Calibration Algorithm makes the CO2 sensor is used well without calibration amending
  7. Providing two or three relays outputs to control COgenerator and a ventilator, or control CO2,  temperature, humidity 
  8. Specially designed for locale mounting with combine 16amp outlet loads
  9. CO2 relay output selectable as fan on: CO2  generator active or CO2 generator off.
  10. Brightness detection makes the working mode of CO2 generator changeover automatically.
  11. Provide brightness adjustment range to make end users setting day/night limit.
  12. Optional RS-485 communication interface with 15KV antistatic protection makes the controller can be connected with PC
  13. Strong locale programmable makes CO2 control more exact and convenient, as well as meets various application.  
  14. Strong functions& High performance very reasonably priced.


FHD 9100 CO2 multiple controller is used to control CO2 level, temperature and humidity in order to offer good environment for plants growth. It can control a carbon dioxide generator and a ventilator directly with 16amp together, and it provides RS485 network interface to be connected with PC or other system. It will be used below application:

  1. Greenhouses, which include vegetable, herbs and flowers.
  2. Modern hydroponics gardens
  3. Other relevant field of agriculture
  4. Keep food and vegetable fresh