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The Hammer

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How to use in soil: If your plants are under 36” you only need to use the Hammer once, this should be used in the last week of veg. Once you hit the plant with the Hammer it usually takes 7 days to take full effect, it will grow a little in this time. After it takes effect it will grow maybe 12” at the most for the rest of the plants life. If your plants are 36”, or above, you will apply the hammer twice. The first application will be the same as before you will add it in...

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CO2 Controllers, Generators & Accessories

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Yes CO2 is a wonderful addition to your greenhouse environment but only if properly supplied. BTN has many types of CO2 controllers, generators and accessories for all you your needs however if you have not used CO2 before please ask our staff for proper use and instructions. **Please note that TIME FACTOR = Number of minutes running time to achieve 1500 ppm in a 1000 cu. Ft. room BTN carries the FHD CO2 Generators that come in Natural Gas style or Propane. FHD CO2 Burners come equipped with: Electronic ignition 20’ hose and Regulator 4” Ventilation ports allow less heat...

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Reflectors & Timers

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REFLECTORS Reflecting light in the proper manner can be of great assistance to not only your plants but your electricity costs as well. BTN has constantly resourced metals for the highest reflectivity available and we have passed this knowledge on to you. TIMERS You don’t have time to mess with timers. It is important that light cycles and watering cycles are consistently set at the same time every day. BTN also creates custom timer board kits , ranging from 2x1000watt to 8x1000watt. Please consult our in-store staff with your needs and we will make it happen.  Intermatic Timer – Inexpensive...

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