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Really this is where it all begins! If you plants start off with a stressed and uncared for environment, we can guarantee that they will not produce to your expectations. This is why it is so important to take your own cuttings so that you can make sure they are good and healthy. BTN has many items to assist you in propagating – make sure you are using T5 Flourescents as they will speed up rooting time as well as promote strong and tight internodes.


The most powerful rooting hormone we carry, QUICKROOTS is our #1. At application, QuickRoots unique formulation surrounds the stem with sustenance it can use. QR consistently fosters robusts clones and protects developing rootlets and plant tissues.

WILSON ROOTS GEL has been around for years because it works! Added fungicide helps protect against soil-borne disease caused by Pythium.

STIM ROOT POWDERS come in 2 varieties, STIM ROOT #1 for softwood cuttings and STIM ROOT #2 for semi-hardwood cuttings. Both styles stimulate rapid rooting of cuttings.

Now that you have roots on your cuttings or seedlings, it is time to show them what rapid development means! The most widely recognized root accelerator known, PROP-O-GATOR is a root systems dream liquid. PROP-O-GATOR will visibly increase root mass, within days, as well as strengthen root system by increasing protein, vitamin and mineral content. Also assists on new root growth on stressed plants that have been affected by Pythium (root rot). Extremely concentrated and highly recommended.

BTN also carries a wide variety of rooting trays and domes as well as mediums that are specifically designed for young plants.