Do It Yourself Gardens

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HYDRO SYSTEMS - If you build it, they will grow! Designing and building your own garden is a very easy thing to do. Our stores can accommodate you on a wide variety of growing style as well as our knowledgeable staff is familiar with the ins & outs with these systems as well. Ask us to find the right garden type for your needs.

Bucket Systems are excellent for growing large plants over 3’ in height. We now carry the coolest baskets to fit over a 20L pail. The Bucket basket is a wide mesh baskets that snaps securely over your pail. No more flimsy lids and no more drilling holes.

Interested in growing on a table system? Whether you wish to use baskets on coreplast or rockwool slabs, BTN staff can advise you on the easiest and most efficient way for you to grow!

RESERVOIRS are the heart of your system and need to be strong and non-porous. We hear a lot of comments that “a rubbermaid is cheaper”. Yes it is, but it also allows light into the reservoir as well as can absorb nutrient and harmful pathogens. Don’t scrimp on your supply tank!

SOIL-LESS growers can also be happy to know that our staff are also very knowledgeable on assisting soil-less growers. We can assist you in additives that you can pre-mix into your soilless medium that will improve oxygenation as well as prevent molds and bugs.

**TIP – If you are growing in a mixture of Pro-mix, Sunshine Mix, Coco or peat you are a SOILLESS GROWER. A lot of fertilizers have instructions for soil growers and THAT IS NOT YOU. Unless you are growing in outside dirt always follow the soilless medium instruction to avoid over-fertilization

Having a wide variety of growing containers for the soilless/soil grower is another plus at shopping at BTN. We have what you need!