B.T.N. Grow - 10L

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Holland Secret - 3 Part

Holland Secret’s MICRO, GROW, BLOOM

The days of using "Old School" nutrient systems are gone. Modern growing systems need cutting edge, sediment free fertilizers to help them reach their maximum production.

Today’s systems have aeroponic injection emitters, micro spinners and drip spears running top producing gardens such as the Plant Tier Systems™. Growers need a cleaner, clog-free liquid fertilizer that will not cause salt build-up. Micro, Grow aand Bloom is the SEDIMENT and UREA FREE nutrient that does just that!

Holland Secret Sediment Free and Urea Free fertilizers are formulated to help you reach your maximum production levels!

Today’s hydroponic and aeroponic systems use injection emitters, micro spinners and drip spears to run top producing gardens such as Plant Tier Systems™ and DWC cloners. Growers need clean, clog-free, liquid fertilizers to prevent particulate build-up. Additionally, our Urea Free formulation provides stable pH levels in your reservoir.

Holland Secrect is the Sediment and Urea free liquid fertilizer for you!